Greenwin Theatre

The Greenwin Theatre provides a showcase for community and not-for-profit groups to expand their audience and present their work—theatrical or musical productions, as well as dance, music or comedy—on a large professional stage. This new performance space has a fascinating history: the entire theatre is built atop the stage of the former Main Stage Theatre, where patrons saw celebrated productions including Sunset Boulevard, My Fair Lady and Jersey Boys.


Featuring recessed front row seating, and a cutting-edge tension grid system, this inspiring and innovative new space will be the theatre of choice for mid-sized productions, with its 296-seat capacity.

Audience Capacity
The Greenwin comfortably seats 296 guests. SEATING CHART

Fly ropes
The original fly ropes that were used on the Main Stage, remain in the space and are a beautiful architectural feature.

Vibration isolation units are used to reduce noise in the theatre. To enhance the acoustic qualities of the space, the side walls of the Greenwin Theatre are largely masked with black drape, and two rows of acoustic reflectors hang above the audience seating area. 

Tension Grid
The Greenwin Theatre has two grids: a Tension-wire Grid directly above the stage and part of the audience seating area, and a High Grid.

Past Performances

Having recently opened in April of 2015, the Greenwin Theatre has already housed performances such as Therefore Choose Life and Driving Miss Daisy – both presented by Harold Green Jewish Theatre.




Jake Epstein, who starred and co-wrote Therefore Choose Life has a history on our stages. Before the Main Stage was reconfigured into the Greenwin and Lyric Theatres, it was home to Green Day’s American Idiot: The Musical. Jake starred as Will, one of the three disaffected young men trying to escape a stifling suburban life.