The Hungarian Consulate Presents

The Virtuosos

Happening in the Lyric Theatre

Virtuosos, the world's first classical music competition started in 2014. The judge panel, consisting of renowned musicians, discovered dozens of brilliant talents in every season. The main goal is to keep these young talents in the music industry, give them further opportunity of professional development and performing. The Virtuosos Ensemble essentially expresses what the Virtuosos movement is about: the love of music and each other, the gesture of that improving the whole community by playing music together and, of course, the flourishing talent that makes the Virtuosos Ensemble concerts so stunning. Not only the performance of the team led by Szüts Apor is impressive, but also their creativity. A new musical brand is being born here: this unique chamber ensemble type had not previously exist in classical music, because here everyone is a soloist and also a team player.

The founders of the Virtuosos program have established the Young Virtuosos Foundation, to help young, talented musicians. The proceeds of this concert benefits this foundation.



November 18, 20197:00 pm