Front Page: The Shoe Project Presents


Happening in the Studio Theatre

The Shoe Project in partnership with PEN Canada presents stories of arrival and adaptation to Canada in our newest show, Our Shoes, Our Streets. Marking the fifth-month anniversary of the tragic van attack in North York, we bring personal stories of courage to this resilient community as a way to honour its victims and families. From Syria, Iran, Turkey, South Ossetia, Taiwan, China, Nepal and Sri Lanka, performers have been coached in writing and speaking by Katherine Govier, and Leah Cherniak and directed by Sarah Weatherwax. 

Take a front row seat and discover the world of migration and integration. Unite in pride and learn that you never truly know someone until you know their story or have walked in their shoes. 





September 23, 20181:30 pm
September 23, 20184:30 pm