Tirgan in Partnership with Austrian Cultural Forum/Austrian Embassy Present...

Golnar & Mahan Trio

Happening in the Greenwin Theatre

 "The Contemporary Sound of Iran"

"A musical experience that takes you, in the most beautiful and gentle way, to another distant dimension."
- Mica Austria (2018)
Golnar Shahyar and Mahan Mirarab have been two inseparable musical partners since they first met in Vienna in 2011. They are songwriters who specialize in blending jazz with oriental folk elements, odd meter polyrhythms, Afro-Cuban music and have created a new way of story telling in which the lyrics, mostly in Farsi, and the compositions go hand in hand. With their different projects, they have been two important players in European music scene and have been internationally active for some years playing in renowned venues and festivals such as Philharmonie Berlin (lunch concert), Musikverein, Konzerthaus Wien, Porgy & Bess, Jazzfest Wien, Jazz Festival Saalfelden, Jazz & the City, etc. To create even a more powerful sound, in Golnar & Mahan, they play with the Austrian versatile percussionist, Amir Wahba. 
Their latest album "Derakht" which is said to be a true masterpiece by critics, is "a feast of colorful sounds with a special fusion flair, which stands out for its blend of contemporary and traditional influences, representing the current face of the Iranian music scene with style, pathos, and creativity." - Jazz Corner, 2018. Multi-instrumental, multi-lingual and multi-cultural, Golnar & Mahan is the definition of a real cosmopolitan band.
"When Golnar Shahyar sings, you can easily forget everything else around. The trio is an enrichment to the Austrian music scene." - Helmut Jasper (Ö1)
"With "Derakht" Golnar & Mahan deliver an album that really gets under the skin and while magically attracts with every sound, has an intense effect and simply does not let go until the end. Golnar Shahyar, Mahan Mirarab and Amir Wahba perform a true masterpiece on their debut album, one that will definitely not go unnoticed for its extraordinary beautiful and lyrical sound." - Mica Austria
Golnar Shahyar - Voice, Guitar, Piano, Percussion
Mahan Mirarab - Guitar, Fretless Guitar, Oud
Amir Wahba - Percussion


August 10, 20188:00 pm