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Happening in the Studio Theatre

Discovering that someone you love has been in an accident is difficult – even when it is an unfaithful ex-lover. After learning that Eric, his ex, had been hit by a car, Children’s Fiction writer Ben Wilson finds himself on a bench across from the hospital where Eric is stationed. Only through the comical company of a sarcastic Julie, the amorous antics of Bella (who is not a team Edward-Bella fan), and the quirky comebacks of Emma—with the help of stuffed cookies, wookies?—does Ben begin to understand how love evolves. Join this Golden Girls-Mamma Mia-loving trio as they journey with Ben through the good and not-so-good times of friendships, first-dates, secret love-affairs, breakups and the realization that loving yourself—whether gay, straight, zombie or nymphomaniac—is the greatest love milestone of all.


June 28, 20198:00 pm
June 29, 20198:00 pm


comedy, drama